< Functions >

Functions is how we call the different modules that you can add to your subscription/tenant. Each module have a different fucntionality that must be attached to a Delivery item.


A new vision how to categorize and prioritize your products and/or projects. Also you can manage at program / portfolio / pmo level.



Are you thinking on create a new PMO. Design the structure of your PMO (CPMO) within your organization (Assessment As-Is).

In Company Course


Evaluate the viability of your PMO, Product, Project or Portfolio. Learn how to use the tool in our PMO-SR seminar and more ...

In Company Course e-Learning


A check list how to evaluate the risks inside your delivery items


A check list how to evaluate the change management inside your delivery items

< Delivery >

Delivery items act as groups where differents functions are assigned. For instance in a PMO items you can assign different health-check and see the comparison between them

< Organization >

You can set up your organizational Hierachy. That's allow you to have a globall view of all items and finally get a drill-down analisys

< Tenant >

There are two subscriptions types public and private. On a public subscription you only get access to your items. On the private subscription you manage the users on your tenant organizing them into differents levels of read/write permissions.